Restaurant Menu Development Consulting

Developing a menu for your restaurant can be one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. That being said, there are a lot of moving parts in the menu development process that must align. Product choices, preparations, and presentations will separate you from other establishments and attract your target clientele. We can help you craft a menu that delights your customers, drives revenue, and sets your establishment apart from the competition. We work closely with restaurant owners, chefs, and managers to create menus that align with their brand, cuisine, and target audience.

We have extensive experience in the restaurant industry, having owned and operated 5 different restaurants over the past 30+ years and serving as head chef. As such, we understand food trends, customer preferences, and operational challenges that restaurants face. As such, we can offer valuable insights into what menu items are likely to sell well and how to optimize your kitchen and staff to support your culinary vision.

What areas of menu development can we help with?

Concept-specific recipes must be well established and current trends such as farm-to-table, menus of small plates, and pre prepared entrees require specific upfront research. We can help with:

  • Menu Analysis: Review your existing menu and identify areas for improvement, analyzing the profitability of different menu items, evaluating the effectiveness of your pricing strategy, and offering suggestions for menu reorganization.
  • Menu Development: Develop new menu items that align with your culinary vision and customer preferences, conducting market research to understand what customers are looking for and develop recipes that are both delicious and cost-effective.
  • Menu Engineering: Optimize your menu to maximize profits, analyzing food costs, portion sizes, and menu layout to identify opportunities to increase revenue and reduce waste.
  • Chef and Staff Training: Work with your kitchen and waitstaff to ensure they understand how to prepare and present menu items and provide training on recipe execution, plating techniques, and customer service.
  • Food Vendors: Research potential vendors, check their references, and review their product quality and pricing.

Farm-to-Table Menu Consulting

Republic Restaurant Consulting’s owner, Ed Aloise, opened New Hampshire’s first certified farm-to-table restaurant in the state of New Hampshire in 2010—Republic Cafe in Manchester. This concept was a James Beard National Semifinalist and won several local awards. With these accomplishments, we are uniquely positioned to help restaurant startups looking to develop farm-to-table forward menus. 

Hiring a restaurant menu development consultant can offer several benefits for your establishment, including increased revenue, improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and a competitive advantage. Whether you’re a new restaurant looking to create a menu from scratch or an established establishment looking to revamp your offerings, we can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you succeed.

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